Detroit Repertory Theatre Fundraiser: Sweet Pea’s Mama

Date: Jan 18th 2015, 1pm  |  Fundraisers  |  News

Join us at the Detroit Repertory Theatre on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 for a showing of the play “Sweet Pea’s Momma”:

Synopsis: Coralee is a maid for Abigail and her family. Among other things she cares for Georgie, Abigail’s grown developmentally challenged son whom she affectionately calls Sweet Pea. On the day Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated, Georgie runs away while under Coralee’s care. Coralee’s angry young son, Jerome, accuses his mother of “Shuck-in and Jive-in” but she still makes him tell the truth about Georgie. Dignity is put to an ultimate test.

TICKETS $20, 1:00 pm Champagne Reception, 2:00 pm Curtain

Call the MCHR office at (313) 579.9071. or email MCHR at for tickets.