Speakers’ Bureau


Dorothy Aldridge
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Freedom Tour
Abayomi Azikiwe
Community Activist
  • African Affairs
  • International Human Rights
  • Iraq / Afghanistan / Libyan Wars
  • Race Relations
Brenda Bryant
Dean, Marygrove College
  • Human Rights Education
Mark Cowan Jr
  • Youth, Human Rights and Social Media
Kezia Curtis
  • Kingian Nonviolence
Frank Hammer
Retired UAW
  • Challenge of Global Warming to HR
  • Climate Change and Workers
  • Workers Rights are HR
Julie Hurwitz
Civil Rights Attorney
  • Assault on Civil Rights
  • Access to Courts
  • Emergency Manager Litigation
Frank Joyce
Community Activist
  • Labor
  • Race Relations
Cary McGehee
Employment Rights Lawyer
  • Workplace Discrimination- Gender, Age, Racial
  • Conditions in Woman’s Prisons
Hasan Newash
Palestine Office
  • Palestine Issues
Kim Redigan
Activist HS Teacher, MI Peace Team
  • Palestine – Israel
  • Nonviolence Training
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Religion as Force for Healing and Hurting
Marge Sears
MCHR Program Coordinator
  • Racism and White Privilege
  • Forming P&J Groups in Congregations
  • Using Film to Raise Awareness on HR Issues
Bill Wylie Kellerman
Pastor, St Peter Episcopal
  • Biblical Theology and Human Rights
  • Biblical Theology and Immigration
  • Church in the City
Tom Zerafa
  • LGBT Rights
  • Urban Transportation