Securing Democracy Resource Guide

Posted April 21st, 2022  |  Action Resources  |  News

Securing Our Democracy


Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit:  Parker Palmer, Jossey-Bass, [2011]

Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America, Ian Haney Lopez, The New Press, 2019.

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, Chris Hedges:

Cheap Speech, How Disinformation Poisons Our Politics―and How to Cure It., Rick Hasen, Yale University Press, 2022

Uncounted: The Crisis of Voter Suppression in America, Gilda Daniels, New York University Press, January 2020


Global / Ukraine

Freedom In the World 2021 report pdf, Freedom House, democracy’s decline through the world:

From Moscow to Washington, the Barbarism and Hypocrisy Don’t Justify Each Other, Common Dreams, Norman Solomon, 3-22-22:–nIv28TWpVdnvI4#:~:text=From%20Moscow%20to%20Washington%2C%20the%20Barbarism%20and%20Hypocrisy%20Don%27t%20Justify%20Each%20Other

What’s the Likelihood of Nuclear War? The Atlantic, Uri Friedman, 3-23-22:

Vladimir Putin’s war has dealt a blow to the ‘populist’ right, Nation of Change, 3-11-22:

The missing piece about Putin and Ukraine (Russian Orthodox church), U of C Riverside News, 3-9-22:

War is Evil, Dianne Butler Bass, The Cottage:

Why white evangelical Christians are Putin’s biggest American fan base, MSNBC,  3-1-22:

Democracy?/ Facism?

“PLOT TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION”,  Frontline, PBS, March 29, 2022:

Are We Doomed?: Atlantic Monthly, George Packer, 12-6 21:

The Fight for Democracy Will Be a Long, Long Haul, The Atlantic, Feb 8 2022,

What’s Next: Fascist Takeover or New Era of Progressive Renewal? Thom Hartman, Guardian:

The 1887 Law Putting American Democracy at Risk, New York Times, Feb 7 2022,

Why are US rightwingers so angry? Because they know social change is coming, Rebecca Solnit, Guardian:

The far right; America is now in fascism’s legal phase,  Jason Stanley, Guardian:

Can the Democratic Party survive the GOP’s racist fearmongering? Ian Hany Lopez, Berkley Blog:

Our Democracy Is In Danger, Protect Democracy:

No, America is not on the brink of a civil war, Musa al-Gharbi  Guardian, 2022:

Protecting Our Democracy Act:,interference%2C%20and%20for%20other%20purposes.&text=This%20Act%20may%20be%20cited,%E2%80%9CProtecting%20Our%20Democracy%20Act%E2%80%9D.

We Deserve a Better Democracy, Common Cause:

B Next Coup Has Already Begun” The Atlantic, December 2021


The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. Canada must prepare” Globe and Mail, January 2022

American democracy is tottering. It’s not clear Americans care. Vox, December 2021;

How does this end? Where the crisis in American democracy might be headed. Vox, Zach Beauchamp, 1-3-22,

A Year of Crisis for Our Democracy: Brennan Center, December 2021,

Commitment to Uphold Democracy: Strategy and Messaging Considerations from November 4 and Onward, Choose Democracy:

The Descent of Democracy, Boston Review:


Voting Rights

States of Denial: A Guide to Some of the GOP’s Most Brazen Attacks on Voting Rights and Elections: Ari Berman, 2-16-22;

The Coming Coup: How Republicans Are Laying the Groundwork to Steal Future Election: Mother Jones, Ari Berman, 1-13-22,

Let’s Be Clear: Only the Right Has Become More Extreme Over the Last 50 Years, Common Dreams, Robert Reich, 2-16-22:

The Battle to Protect Voting Rights Continues, Common Dreams:

Republicans Are Trying to Suppress More Than Votes, The Atlantic, January 28 2022:

Elections/ Candidates

How gerrymandering allows a purple state to promote Trump’s big lie: The Guardian, Sam Levine, 3-22-22:

The Election Police Are Coming,The Brennan Center, Michael Waldman, 3-22-22:,The%20Election%20Police%20Are%20Coming,-Facebook

“Campaigning to Oversee Elections, While Denying the Last One,” The New York Times, January 30, 2022

“Trump-Backed QAnon Candidates Launch Group to ‘Control the Election System,” Vice, October 27, 2021

“Trump began 2022 with a war chest of $122 million,” The Washington Post, January 31, 2022

“Multiple people seeking to run state elections are connected to QAnon,” Media Matters, August 16, 2021

“These locally elected officials posted or openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories. Here’s what happened after they took office,” CNN, June 3, 2021

“Trump followers zero in on secretary of state campaigns,” Politico, January 24, 2022

The Crucial Voting Rights Bill That Congress Can Actually Pass, Slate, Jan 20 2022,

Public Schools / Education

Salon investigates: The war on public schools is being fought from Hillsdale College:  Salon, Kathryn Joyce, 3-26-22:

Protecting MI Kids, For MI Kids, resources for protecting public schools from threats (Let MI Kids Learn ballot initiative) to defund public schools:

‘These Policies Do Attack Michigan Families’: Inside Betsy DeVos and the Michigan GOP’s War on Public Schools, GanderNews, 2-23-22,:


How Steve Bannon Has Exploited Google Ads to Monetize Extremism, Pro Publica, November 29 2021,

Local Articles

Deep Dive: What to know about ‘Secure MI Vote’ petition drive: Click on Detroit, Cassidy Johncox, 10-21 22:,Michigan%E2%80%99s%20election%20laws

Proposal seeks to alter, tighten Michigan’s election laws

Michigan House GOP tries election reform again, despite likely veto by Whitmer, Bridge magazine, Yue Stella Yu, 3-10-22:,Michigan%20House%20GOP%20tries%20election%20reform%20again%2C%20despite%20likely%20veto%20by%20Whitmer,-Stop%20me%20if

Nonprofit, national money pour into voter ID, public health, school initiatives,  Detroit News, 2-2-22: