15 Civil Rights Groups and MCHR Board Member Julie Hurwitz Calling for Investigation Into Detroit Police Department Killing of Hakim Littleton

Posted August 19th, 2020  |  News

The Coalition for Police Transparency and Accountability, which includes 15 civil and human rights groups, is asking the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the killing of city resident Hakim Littleton by the Detroit Police in an incident which occurred on July 10, 2020.

Julie Hurwitz, an MCHR board member and part of the Coalition, was quoted in a Detroit News report on the request for an investigation of the shooting.

“The number of shots that were fired after (Littleton) was on the ground raises serious questions about what (police) were doing,” said Hurwitz, who is part of the group asking for an independent investigation. “The question is, should police have a license to execute someone, no matter what?”

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