People’s Water Board Requests Gov. Whitmer to Provide Water Resources and Expedite Re-Connections in Thousands of Detroit Households as COVID-19 Emergency Worsens

Posted March 22nd, 2020  |  News

The growing COVID-19 public health emergency has worsened the water emergency being experienced by 9500 Detroit households who are disconnected from the city’s water services.

The People’s Water Board has requested that Gov. Whitmer take emergency measures and expedite the reconnection of water services, provide water  resources for affected residents, develop a statewide water affordability plan and other actions.

MCHR board member Kim Redigan is also a member of the People’s Water Board (PWB).

In a statement at recent PWB news conference, Redigan said, “We demand that water services be restored immediately to all households, and going into the future, plan to make water affordable for all families.”

Click here to view the PWB news conference.

Click here to view PWB letter appealing to Gov. Whitmer.