Taking a Stand: A Commemoration of the UAW Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1937

Posted March 12th, 2019  |  News

MCHR and the Autoworker Caravan recently commemorated the UAW Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1937 with an information and entertainment event.

Additional topics included: 1) The recent GM announcement that five North American manufacturing plants have not been allocated any production and workers can expect to be laid-off or transferred to other GM facilities and: 2) the continuing fight of ASOTRECOL (association of GM Colombian workers injured on the job).

The event is available for viewing at YouTube:
Taking a Stand — An MCHR/Autoworker Caravan-Sponsored Event Commemorating the UAW Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1937/2:07

Also, a guide to the event and video is available here.