Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Solidarity Statement on New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Posted March 27th, 2019  |  Statements

We stand with the Christchurch Muslim community and our Kiwi friends in their time of mourning and pledge our support.

We encourage people worldwide to provide donations and support to the families of victims as soon as that information becomes available.

This type of violence and the hate that motivates it is unacceptable in any country and people worldwide have a responsibility to stand up and say no. No one should fear for their safety when attending their house of worship or when raising awareness about an issue.

This tragedy occurred on an afternoon when the mosque would have been filled with people who gathered for Friday prayers, just as the Pittsburgh killer attacked Jews at their synagogue, the Oak Creek killer targeted a Sikh Gurdwara and the Charleston killer attacked an African American Church. These types of attacks are driven by racial, religious, and ethnic hatred and every elected official has a responsibility to denounce them in the strongest possible terms.

In the wake of this terrible attack we call on elected officials to commit themselves to opposing hate speech and hate violence in every form. We equally call on citizens to demonstrate acts of solidarity with their Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and others.

The epidemic of gun-related mass violence has a ripple effect across the world. This horrific attack has not only impacted New Zealanders, but individuals from other countries including Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Elected officials have the opportunity and the platform to bring people together and affirm our human solidarity. This type of violence is a direct result of politicians exploiting social division and sowing fear — and did not happen in a vacuum.

Whether it’s separating families through the Muslim Ban, taking children away from their families at America’s border, or dehumanizing refugees in Europe politicians who drive these messages encourage the worst.

We, as people who live in the United States, understand too well the legacy of racism and violence in this country and its ripple effect around the world.

We vow to continue to fight against this culture of violence and epidemic of fear and hatred, to turn this tide round.