MCHR Board Member Saeed Khan Presents Water Rights Paper in London at Islamic Human Rights Commission Conference

Posted April 5th, 2018  |  News

Saeed Khan, an MCHR board member and professor of Islamic Studies at Wayne State University, recently presented a paper on water rights and water exploitation in London at a conference sponsored by the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

The conference (“The New Colonialism: The American Model of Human Rights”) focused on the Americanization of Human Rights and how they have often become a tool of U.S.-led foreign policy, rather than a transformative discourse that seeks to liberate individuals and groups oppressed by unjust systems.

Khan spoke to the group about the steady erosion of water rights and the belief that all human beings have a right to water at an affordable price. In addition, Khan talked about the rapid advancement of corporate privatization and usurping of water rights in the U.S. and around the world.

Click here to see Saeed Khan’s water rights paper.