Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Supports Nation’s Students in Their Efforts to Strengthen Gun Laws

Posted February 22nd, 2018  |  News

The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) supports the courageous efforts of young students throughout the country who are mobilizing and plan to march.

MCHR supports them as they engage in non-violent protests in Washington and other major cities — insisting that lawmakers pass stronger gun control laws and take other measures to protect them from gun violence in their schools.

According to Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit that has tracked school shootings since the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting (where 20 six- and seven-year children were killed), there have been at least 239 school shootings nationwide.

In these episodes, 438 children and adults were shot — 138 of whom were killed.

The shooting in Parkland, Fla. was the eighth in U.S. schools resulting in injury or death — in just the first seven weeks of 2018.

The victims of these school shootings are our children — our most precious commodity and hope for our future.

These shootings are not only killing and physically injuring our children, they are also causing permanent psychological damage.

Adults have failed in their efforts to persuade U.S. Congress to pass stronger gun control laws.

MCHR applauds our children for their willingness to step up and have their voices heard.

MCHR will offer assistance as an ally to these valiant students as they step-up, speak-out, and take action in an effort to awaken the conscience of our nation.