The Future of Energy- Watch the movie, connect with resources

Posted March 27th, 2015  |  Challenge  |  News

The Future of Energy is a positive film about the renewable energy revolution and a story about the countless people and communities building jobs, justice, and resilience.


Theo-Badashi_Bio_Photo_CU.jpgListen to MCHR’s interview with Theo Badashi, host and co-writer of the film “The Future of Energy”, touching on Detroit’s role in the future of community-based renewable energy solutions:


Check out the film, below, and afterwards check out these resources to learn how to help affect change in your community and shift towards a healthier, saner, and more inclusive energy future with things like community choice aggregation (CCA) and zero net energy (ZNE) systems. MCHR would like to thank Theo Badashi and the rest of the cast and crew of “The Future of Energy” for coming to Detroit with this inspiring film and having a real conversation about energy and democratic power on Earth Day 2015!