MCHR went to the MI Democratic Convention on Valentine’s Day- to show our LOVE for Michigan and Detroit! Stay tuned for a writeup on what happened.

Here’s some info on other people who are fighting the good fight against Citizens United:

Wolf Pac Michigan is the state arm of Wolf Pac, an organization started by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks (TYT), the largest online news show in the world. Wolf Pac’s stated goal is to destroy Citizens United and get money out of politics by getting state legislators to call for an Article V constitutional convention of the states. Three of the necessary thirty-four states have called for a constitutional convention to overturn Citizens United so far (Vermont, California, and Illinois). Here’s some more info on Wolf Pac, from Cenk himself:

Not only was Wolf Pac MI be at the convention to spread the good word and recruit folks to help get money out of politics, TYT Detroit was also there. TYT Detroit is the social wing of the Wolf Pac movement in MI and is a great organization to meet, network with, and have fun with other progressive-minded people in our region.