Speakers’ Bureau


Dorothy Aldridge

Civil Rights Movement

Freedom Tour


Abayomi Azikiwe,

Community Activist

African Affairs

International Human Rights

Iraq / Afghanistan / Libyan Wars

Race Relations


Brenda Bryant

Dean, Marygrove College

Human Rights Education


Mark Cowan Jr

Youth, Human Rights and Social Media


Jose Cuello

WSU Professor

Latina/o Immigration

Racism in America


Kezia Curtis

Kingian Nonviolence


Frank Hammer

Retired UAW

Challenge of Global Warming to HR

Climate Change and Workers

Workers Rights are HR


Barbara Harvey

Labor Lawyer, Jewish Voice for Peace

Israel Palestine Conflict  

Democracy in Unions


Julie Hurwitz

Civil Rights Attorney

Assault on Civil Rights

Access to Courts

Emergency Manager Litigation


Frank Joyce

Community Activist


Race Relations


Cary McGehee

Employment Rights Lawyer

Workplace Discrimination- Gender, Age, Racial

Conditions in Woman’s Prisons


Hasan Newash

Palestine Office

Palestine Issues


Tova Perlmutter

Collective Bargaining

Voting Rights

Workers Rights


Kim Redigan

Activist HS Teacher, MI Peace Team

Palestine – Israel

Nonviolence Training

Catholic Social Teaching

Religion as Force for Healing and Hurting


Marge Sears

MCHR Program Coordinator

Racism and White Privilege

Forming P&J Groups in Congregations

Using Film to Raise Awareness on HR Issues


Brandon Toy

Military Industrial Complex

War and Peace

Veterans Issues


Bill Wylie Kellerman

Pastor, St Peter Episcopal

Biblical Theology and Human Rights

Biblical Theology and Immigration

Church in the City


Tom Zerafa

LGBT Rights

Urban Transportation

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