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Michigan Coalition for Human Rights *** Video / DVD List                                      rev. 7/13

To reserve a film for a showing for your group or congregation: Call the MCHR office at 313 579-9071.

Rental fees: $10/film, $15 if film has resource packet (identified with *** – Guides for group discussion.)

Click on a film’s title to view more information or the film’s trailer (if available).


Human Cost Behind Bargain Shopping: National Labor Committee/ NBC Dateline, The story of sweatshop workers whose sacrifice gives us our discount prices. 2005 VHS and DVD, 32 minutes.

Made in L.A.: Follows the lives of three Latina garment workers in Los Angeles as they fight to win basic labor protections from a trendy clothing company. DVD. 2007. 70 min.



*** Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room: Magnolia Home Entertainment. Shocking inside story of one of history’s greatest business scandals. DVD 110 minutes, 2005.

*** Thirst: Bullfrog Films. Conflict between public good and private profit on community water systems. 2005 DVD, 62 min.

***Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?: Investigates roots of current economic crisis and the involvement of megacorporations and the government on both sides.

***Ten Trillion and Counting: Film on the national debt and how it got so large and the challenges it presents as well as possible solutions. PBS 2009 60 minutes.

***Koch Brothers Exposed: The 1 % at its very worst, inside big money’s influence. Brave New Foundation



Deforce: Documentary about the city’s modern history and how it got to where it is today. 86 min 2010 Detroit Documentary Productions.

We Are Not Ghosts: Film on how ordinary Detroiters are reinventing the city from community businesses and schools to urban gardens. 2012.



***Black Gold: California Newsreel, Traces the path of coffee consumed each day to the farmers in  Ethiopia who produce the beans, linking with globalization. 2006 DVD, 78 minutes.

*** China Blue: Bull Frog Films. Deep access account of the harsh world of sweatshop workers in China who make the denim jeans we all wear. DVD 2005, 88 minutes.

***Life and Debt:  New Yorker Video, Examines the complexities of economic globalization on the world’s developing countries, like Jamaica, DVD, 86 minutes.

***The Big Sellout: California Newsreel, Shows the damage in the real lives of people in both developing and industrial countries that irresponsible privatization causes in health care, transportation, electricity and other public services. DVD, 94 minutes, 2006.



*** Climate of Doubt: PBS video goes inside organizations that fought the concept of climate change to redefine the politics of global warming.  2012

***Gasland II: International Wow Company Production/HBO; documentary on the controversial process known as hydraulic fracking to extract natural gas and its impact on the community and its water. DVD 125 minutes plus 45 min bonus. 2012.

Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai: Mongrel Media; tells the story of Nobel Peace Laureate whose simple act of planting trees in grew into Kenya’s Greenbelt movement. DVD, 80 minutes, 2008.

*** The Beloved Community: Looks on the Great Lakes town of Sarnia Ont. and the impact of toxins on health and reproduction of its oil refineries, esp. on a nearby Native American reservation. DVD 56 minutes, 2006.

***Nuclear Aftershocks: PBS film on what lessons can be learned from Japan’s devastating disaster in their nuclear plants following the tsunami. PBS  2012 60 min.

***Tipping Point: The Age of The Oil Sands: A visual tour of the environmental issue of oil sands development that pit Big oil against Native tribes. CBC Learning DVD, 90 minutes, 2012.

***Wisdom to Survive: Asks the question of what is keeping us from action on climate change and what we can do. DVD 56 minutes 2014.



*** Abandoned: The Betrayal of America’s Immigrants: Bullfrog Films, Illustrates the most recent wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and the personal impact of new immigration laws. 2000 VHS 54minutes.

American Dream, American Nightmare: AE/Kurtis Production, rare glimpse into the evolving of the Homeland Security Department and its sometimes controversial reputation, including interviews of immigrants, DVD, 50 minutes, 2000.

The 800 Mile Wall: Gatekeeper Productions; highlights the construction of the new border walls in the SW and its impact on migrants trying to cross into the US and the failed US policy. 90 minutes 2009.

The Line in the Sand: Stories From the U.S./Mexico Border: Catholic Relief Services. In August 2005 CRS sent a team of writers and actors to the Arizona-Mexico Border to study immigration. The group spoke with a variety of people affected by the issue of immigration, and turned their interviews into a powerful performance.

***Made In L.A.: Traces three Latina women through groundbreaking lawsuit and consumer boycott to establish precedents for labor conditions under which products are manufactured. DVD 2007.



***Health For Sale: Asks are the world’s largest drug companies, paradoxically major obstacles to creating a healthier world. DVD, 2007, 53 minutes.

Sicko: Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U.K., and France. DVD, 2007, 120 min.

Unnatural Causes: California Newsreel; explores racial and socioeconomic inequities in heath care. DVD , 400 minutes in 35-60 min. segments. 2008


LATIN AMERICA                                                                                                                       

*** Who Shot My Brother?: Bull Frog Films. Exposes the root causes of violence in Colombia and where America is the puppet master. DVD 2006 52 minutes.



*** Election Day: Big Mouth Films, A tapestry of citizens in 11 locations determined to make their votes count. DVD. 84 minutes, 2008.

***Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Media Education Foundation. Demonstrates how journalism has been compromised by big corporations. DVD, 30 minutes, 2003

The People Speak: A&E Television; based on Howard’s Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, features quotes, letters, songs, speeches, poems of dissenters,rebels and visionairies of the past that prove that democracy is not a spectator sport. DVD 113 min. 2009.

***End of America: Based on the book by Naomi Wolf that questions the government’s policy changes that have gradually taken away the freedom and justice on which our country was built. Indiepix 71 min. 2008.



*** Battle for Syria: Goes inside rebel groups showing the complexity of the war and its impact on civilians as well as the reason why the Assad regime has held on to power. PBS 2012 60 Minutes.

 The Oil Factor: Free Will Productions.  Discusses the results of US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq in order to expose the human costs of these attacks and to explore the bigger geo-strategic picture, DVD, 93 minutes. 2004

***Life in Occupied Palestine: Chun Pan Music. Eye witness stories and photos of the occupation with Anna Baltzer, a Jewish American young woman who has spent much time in the Middle east documenting human rights abuses. DVD, 2007. 59 minutes.



***America’s Brutal Prisons:First Run Icarus Films, A rare look inside America’s prison systems, with its deeply ingrained culture of punishment rather than rehabilitation. 2005 VHS 48 minutes.



Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin: Biography of controversial figure in the Civil Rights Movement. One of first Freedom Riders and organized the March on Washington. Intelligent, charismatic, but he was gay. Cal Newsreel, 2002 83 minutes.

Freedom Riders: Story of an integrated band of college students who brought the country face to face with the challenge of correcting segregation and civil rights inequities in the South in 1961. PBS 120 min., 2011.

Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks:  Teaching Tolerance Production, Tells the story of Rosa Parks act of defiance which continues to inspire those who work for freedom and justice today, 2002, VHS, 40 minutes.

*** Traces of the Trade:  Retraces the troubling heritage of one family in the infamous Triangle Trade from Rhode Island to Africa’s Ghana to the sugar plantations in the Caribbean and its implications for today’s racially divided America. DVD, 86 minutes, 2008.

 ***Eyes on the Prize: American Civil Rights Years 1954-1965. 6 hours PBS, 1986



   Slavery: A Global Investigation:   An estimated 27 million people are held in bondage – more than at any other time in human history – in factories, building roads, weaving carpets,  forced to be soldiers, or sex slaves. VHS.



***Blood and Oil: Media Education Foundation. Based on Nation’s Michael Klare work that shows how concerns about oil have been at the core of foreign policy for more than 60 years. DVD 52 minutes. 2008.

Hidden in Plain Sight:  A Raven’s Call Production, distributed by SOA Watch, documentary that presents different points of view about the reality of Latin America and the consequences of U.S. policy there, 2002, VHS, 71 minutes.

Secrecy:Bullfrog Films; about the vast invisible world of government secrecy and explores the tension between security as a nation and our ability to function as a democracy, DVD 56/80 minutes, 2008.

Kill/ Capture: PBS Film goes inside the secret campaign to take thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda and whether the campaign is targeting the right people and is even effective. 2012

Are We Safer?:Looks at the terrorism-industrial complex that grew up since 9/11. Talks about the growing reach of Homeland Security  and data collecting into the lives of ordinary Americans. PBS 2011,60 minutes.


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***Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines:  Narrated by Jessica Lange, the film profiles women around the world in five different countries who are building the foundation for sustainable peace. VHS, 86 minutes, 2003.

The Last Atomic Bomb:  Richter Productions, Follows a tiny, tireless survivor of the last atomic bomb dropped in Japan who makes sure the truth of that event will never be forgotten. DVD, 92 minutes, 2006.

Remote Control War: The future of unmanned combat through drones and the questions they raise.  PBS 2011  52 minutes.

The Wounded Platoon:PBS Frontline; tells the dark side of the men from the Third Platoon as they returned from war in Afghanistan with post traumatic stress after multiple tours; DVD 90 minutes, 2010.

*** War Made Easy:  Exposes a 50 year pattern of government deception and media spin that has dragged the US into one war after another, paying special attention to the comparison between Vietnam and Iraq. Based on book by Norman Solomon.  DVD 72 minutes, 2007.

 ***Why We Fight: Sony Pictures. Unflinching look at the anatomy of war making. DVD. 99 minutes, 2006.

***Soldiers of Conscience:  Every soldier wrestles with his conscience over whether to kill, some choose not to. DVD, 2008, 54 min.


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