Undoing the Demos: DPS Emergency School Managers and the Privatizing City

Detroit Public Schools: Teacher Sickouts, Deteriorating Buildings, Massive Debt, Rodents, E.A.A., Charter Schools, Overcrowding, No Heat, No Schoolbooks, No Computers

Undoing the Demos: DPS Emergency School Managers and the Privatizing City

Professor Tom Pedroni

Tuesday February 2nd @ 7pm

Responses following by:

William Weir – DPS Teacher

Aliya Moore – DPS Parent

St Matthew and St Joseph Episcopal Church

8850 Woodward Det 48202

Woodward near Holbrook. Adjacent secure parking.Click here for a printable flyer

Why we must stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Meet us at Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery at 7:00 PM on Tuesday Dec 8 to commemorate Human Rights Day! Hear Al Cholger, United Steelworkers of America (USW) District 2 Sub-district Director (SE Michigan) and Civil and Human Rights Coordinator, talk about the dangers of the TPP. Please sign in and share:

The Detroit Light Brigade is teaming up with Michigan Coalition for Human Rights to shine some light on the TPP after this event! Detroit is joining the rest of the world in saying NO TPP! NO TOXIC TRADE DEALS!

Immediatly following the event at Swords Into Plowshares, WE take ACTION!
Fight with light!
WE will be walking to a nearby overpass to say STOP THE TPP!

Dress warm and parking is free!

Here’s what people are saying about the TPP:

Leo Gerard, President, USW: “This is a prescription for disaster.”

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate: “The most brazen corporate power grab in American history”.

Michael Brune, Sierra Club: “The Trans-Pacific Partnership would empower big polluters to challenge climate and environmental safeguards in private trade courts and would expand trade in dangerous fossil fuels that would increase fracking and imperil our climate.”

Bernie Sanders, Senator: “Bad trade deals like the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership are a major reason for the collapse of the American middle class and the increase in wealth and income inequality in the United States.”

Keith Ellison, Congressman: “I’m not against trade…but they’re not really trade deals. They’re really investment deals between international corporations…They’re saying we want to get a race to the bottom so we can exploit the most unfortunate worker.”

WE MUST stop the Trans Pacific Partnership!


2015 MCHR Founder’s Event

Founder's Event 2015

Join us for the 2015 MCHR Founder’s Event on Monday, Nov 9 at Marygrove College’s Denk Chapman Hall at 7 pm.

The Bishop H Coleman McGehee Jr. Founders Award will be presented to Rev. Harry Cook.

Lawyers, activists, and humanitarians Alice Jennings and Carl Edwards will also present “Revolutionary Humanism in the 21st Century”.

A $5 donation is suggested to attend the event.

Join us for the Detroit Projects- Oct 13-15

unnamedMCHR is co-hosting readings and discussions of 3 plays revolving around the recent history of Detroit with WSU and other organizations on October 13-15 at the Charles H. Wright Museum in the General Motors Theatre.



Paradise Blue sets the scene in 1949 in Detroit’s Paradise Valley, now Lafayette Park. Blue, an exceptional trumpeter, contemplates selling his once-vibrant club to rid himself of inner and outer conflicts from his past. The staged reading for Paradise Blue will take place on 7:00 p.m. at Tuesday, October 13. Join us at The Wright Museum!


unnamed(2)DETROIT ’67

During the explosion of the lively city of Motown as well as the civil rights movement, Detroit ’67 follows Chelle and Lank through familial and racial tensions that arise in their own backyard. The staged reading for Detroit ’67 will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 14.

Join us at The Wright Museum!


Skeleton Crew follows four auto workers who stare insecurity in the face as Detroit falls into the 2008 recession. With the announcement of a shutdown by the end of the year, their jobs at the last exporting auto plant in the city are in jeopardy. The staged reading for Skeleton Crew will take place at 7:00 p.m. on
Thursday, October 15.

Join us at The Wright Museum!

Check out the list of panel discussion facilitators, including multiple MCHR board members, below:


MCHR to host Jorge Parra, Colombian leader of ASOTRECOL, Oct 4

Jorge Parra, the leader of ASOTRECOL (Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of GM Columbia), is returning to Detroit.

He and his fellow workers just completed 4 years of their encampment at the US embassy in Bogota, protesting GM’s criminal behavior towards its workers.

Kalamazoo College recently selected ASOTRECOL as one of ten finalists for its 2015 Global Prize for Transformative Social Justice Leadership*. The winner, to be announced in Kalamazoo on Saturday, Oct 10, will receive $25,000.

MCHR proudly announces a welcoming reception on Sunday October, 4th from 1:00-3:00 pm at Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery (33 E Adams, Detroit- free parking off Woodward).

At our 2013 Annual Dinner,  Jorge Parra received the “International Labor Activist” award. He will report on the successes and challenges of the ex-GM workers’ 4-year encampment at the US Embassy.

HEAR about ASOTRECOL’s enduring struggle that is exposing the epidemic of fired, injured workers all over Colombia and the toothless “labor protections” of the US-Columbia FTA!

SEE 10 minute video documentary (Google: “injured GM workers of ASOTRECOL 2015”)

GIVE a one minute video about what ASOTRECOL has meant to you.

CELEBRATE their just stand for the rights of workers injured on the job

DONATE much needed funds to help sustain the ASOTRECOL encampment! Can’t attend? Please donate online at www.asotrecol.org.

MCHR reception 2.5Download the flyer

* The Kalamazoo College Global Prize awards $25,000 to an innovative and transformative social justice leadership project from around the world. The competition honors and uplifts grassroots work that challenges structural inequality and centers the voices of those most impacted by an injustice.

MCHR Fall 2015 Film Series

Join us at St. John’s Episcopal Church (11 Mile and Woodward- parking in Rear off 11 Mile.) on four Tuesdays this fall for our Fall Film Series. All films start at 7 pm and are followed with a lively, facilitated discussion. Please note that the date for the film “Growing Up Trans” has been changed to Tues Nov. 3rd.

Oct 6- “I Do Mind Dying” is another video on Detroit by Detroit activist independent film director Kate Levy. It chronicles the water shutoff issue in Detroit through the stories of those impacted and the activist committed to assuring clean affordable
water for all. Joining us will be our own water activist Kim Redigan, Lila Cabbill
from the People’s Water Board, and Curt Guyette from the ACLU who represented
the people of Flint in their battle for clean affordable water.

Oct 20- “Selma: Bridge To Voting Rights” (SPLC) Facilitators: Gloria House, Terry Shaw (in film) Host Dorothy Aldridge.

“Selma-Bridge to Voting Rights” is the true story of the forgotten heroes in the fight for voting rights—the courageous students and and teachers of Selma, Alabama, who stood up against injustice despite facing intimidation, arrests and violence. Narrated by Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, it is a crucial reminder that each of us has the ability to bring about powerful social change and will help inspire young people and communities across the nation to exercise their right to participate in our democracy. Our local civil rights heroes will make the connection to today’s voting rights issues.

Oct 27- “Fight for Yemen” PBS Frontline. Facilitator: Abayomi Azikiwe.

The fight for Yemen is a story you will not see on American media. The PBS film exposes the violent feuds tearing the country apart, the rival anti-American and Al Qaeda aligned forces fighting for control and the dangerous consequences for the region and the world. Our facilitator Abayomi Azikiwe will take us deeper inside the conflict and will explore the ramifications.

Nov 3- “Growing Up Trans” PBS Frontline.Possible Facilitators: Rachel Crandall (Affirmations) Lui Francesco.

“Growing Up Trans interviews transgender children and their families who were willing to share stories of the struggles and choices they faced as they considered transitioning. Our facilitators will broaden the scope of the film by sharing issues that trans gender people face at all ages including the shooting of two here in Detroit.

A Public Theology of Human Rights w/ Rev. Bill Wylie Kellerman

How and why faith must lead to work for human rights? How can social action be shaped by faith? What does faith have to do with emergency managers, water shutoffs, gentrification and other issues that face Detroit?

We hope to have two responders of different faiths to comment and respond.

Join us on September 21, 2015, 7pm:

Denk Chapman Hall
Marygrove College
8425 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48221

$5 Donation at the door

Co-sponsored by Marygrove College Social Justice program

Download the flyer

Join us as we walk from Detroit to Flint and demand clean, affordable water for all!



Detroit to Flint Water Justice Journey

The Detroit to Flint Water Justice Journey is about lifting up the need for clean and affordable water in Michigan. The walk will begin on Friday, July 3 in Detroit where tens of thousands of citizens have had their water shut off and where the 2005 Water Affordability Plan has been passed by the Detroit City Council but never implemented. From there, the walk will continue to Highland Park where the community has been threatened with mass water shutoffs after years of administrative mismanagement. The journey will conclude on Friday, July 10 in Flint where residents reporting serious health problems related to unsafe water from the Flint River – hair loss, autoimmune disorders, skin burns, and children with lead poisoning – share their stories. Along the way, the walk will pass through cities, rural areas, lakes, rivers, and watersheds.

The walk itself is simply the thread that weaves together a series of important public events to highlight the issues by hearing from people on the front lines – local residents personally affected by unsafe and unaffordable water, concerned citizens, people committed to water justice including public health workers, attorneys, pastors, elders and youth. The key events include: the sendoff from Detroit on July 3, a cultural event and town hall meeting in Highland Park that same afternoon, a public cross-county speak out in Pontiac on Sunday, July 5, and a rally at Flint’s Town Hall on July 10. The focus is on connecting caring communities at these public events and sharing our collective concern for clean, affordable water upheld as a human right and to affirm that water is a sacred trust that should be held as a common rather than a commodity.

Governor Snyder has been invited to Flint on July 10 to hear from citizens from the cities of Detroit, Highland Park, and Flint.

Weeks ago, members of the state legislature were invited to a public hearing on water that involved testimony from these communities. Now, concerned citizens will return to Lansing via bus after the Flint rally to call for clean and affordable water at the state capitol.


Parents and teachers: Have your children or students color this page and take a picture of them holding it to post on social media using the hashtag #Detroit2Flint! Don’t forget to Tweet it to Governor Rick Synder (@onetoughnerd) to show your family or community’s support for clean and affordable water for all in Michigan!




8:00 AM: Spiritual water ritual, Underground Railroad Monument (Hart Plaza), led by indigenous Water Women

9:30 AM: Meet-up at Central United Methodist Church, walk to Water Department, and Spirit of Detroit.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Send-off at Spirit of Detroit Statue (send-off is scheduled for 11:00 AM)

2:30 PM- 3:30 PM: Cultural Celebration, Nandi’s Café, 12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203

4 PM to 5:30 PM: Highland Park Town Hall Meeting and Rally, St. Luke’s A.M.E., 363 Labelle St, Highland Park, MI 48203

9:00 PM Detroit Light Brigade, 9 Mile and Woodward, Ferndale, MI


7:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Meet for a Cross County Speak out, Baldwin Center, 212 Baldwin Ave, Pontiac, MI 48342


10:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Rally for clean, affordable water, Flint City Hall, 1101 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan 48502.

11:00 AM: Bus to Lansing. Arrive in Lansing 1 PM.



Friday, July 3:

8:00 AM: Underground Railroad 1 Hart Plaza Detroit, MI 48226 (Indigenous Water Women Ceremony)

9:30 AM: Central Methodist Church 3 E Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 (Deliver letter to water board)

10:00 AM: Spirit of Detroit (Rally and walk sendoff at 11 AM)

*NOTE: Cars parked at Central Methodist need to be moved by noon. Will try to assist with shuttling people.

Noon (approx.): ACLU Offices 2966 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (Curt Guyette/possible film)

2:00 PM (approx.): Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament 9844 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202 (IHMs)

2:30 – 3:30 PM: Nandi’s Knowledge Café (Cultural Event)12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203

4:00 – 5:30: St. Luke’s AME Church (Highland Park Town Hall and Rally) 363 Labelle St, Highland Park, MI 48203

9:00 PM: Nine Mile and Woodward (Light Brigade)

Saturday, July 4:

8:00 AM: Ferndale First United Methodist Church 2331 Woodward, Ferndale, MI 48220

Sunday, July 5:

Noon: Birmingham Unitarian 38651 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

All are invited to join service at 10:30 AM


Monday, July 6:

8:00 AM: Baldwin Center 212 Baldwin, Pontiac MI 48342

*NOTE: Park in gated lot. Gates locked at 5 PM.

Tuesday, July 7:

8:00 AM: Grange Hall Public Carpool Lot (exit 93 off I-75), Clarkston

Wednesday, July 8:

8:00 AM: Call 313-579-9071 that morning to arrange meeting place in Holly.

Thursday, July 9:

8:00 AM: Grand Blanc UMC 515 Bush Ave., Grand Blanc, MI 48439

*NOTE: Park on outer edges of lot; senior activity scheduled that day

Friday, July 10:

9:00 AM:  Woodside UCC Church 1509 Court St., Flint MI 48503 (Walk to City Hall begins at 9:30)

11:00 AM: City Hall Rally 1101 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI 48502




Sponsored by:

People’s Water Board Coalition

Highland Park Human Rights Coalition

Flint Coalition for Clean Water

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights

and other orgs listed on PWB website



Be a part of history; we need YOUR help. We still need people to help with driving support on July 5, 7, and 8. We also invite people to contact us (support@mchr.org) who are interested in walking and then staying nights at our host churches along the way as part of the core walk team.

We also are in great need of people getting the word out to everyone to take part in the Detroit – Highland Park – Ferndale events on Friday, July 3, the Pontiac Town Hall on July 6, and the final rally in Flint on July 10. The final rally will be followed by a bus to Lansing- please consider joining as a day walker for an hour, a half day, or more. Healthy snacks are always welcome.