MCHR Pledges Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Posted October 1st, 2016  |  News  |  Statements

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) hereby declare our heartfelt solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their current struggle to protect what remains of their ancestral lands, waters and sacred sites.

We recognize that Native American and First Nation peoples have endured centuries of violent settler colonialism that has dismantled and robbed them of home, heritage, dignity, land, livelihoods and life itself.

We acknowledge that Native American and First Nation struggles to protect indigenous territories have ultimately been struggles on behalf of all humanity to save the Earth we share from toxic globalization of neoliberal and capitalist policies that threaten all our survival.

MCHR unwaveringly stands with all working people as they struggle for dignity, respect and justice in the workplace and in their communities; whether we’re fighting for clean water in Flint, Mich., against bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to safeguard their community.

MCHR will continue to fight against the interests of the 1% and corporate greed and firmly stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe against the environmental and cultural degradation of their community.

With respect, love, solidarity and hope,

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Active Board Members
Dorothy Aldridge Kezia Curtis Frank Joyce Kim Redigan
Blair Anderson Dina Fattom Saeed Kahn Joel Reinstein
Abayomi Azikiwe Frank Hammer Jerry King Matt Robb
Sarah Brooks Barbara Hollie Keandra Locke Brandon Toy
Brenda Bryant Eric Hood Gloria Lowe Bill Wylie-Kellerman
Linda Campbell Julie Hurwitz Cary McGehee Lydia Wylie-Kellerman
Mark Cowan Bob Ingalls Hasan Newash Thomas R. Zerafa
Jose Cuello Barbara Ingalls Tom Pedroni Marge Sears


Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Advisory Board Members
  • Rev. Dr. Charles Adams
  • Dr. Karl D. Gregory
  • Hon. B. Pennie Millender
  • Steve Spreitzer
  • Rev. D Alexander Bullock
  • Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
  • Fred Pearson
  • Rev. Charles Williams III
  • Rev. Harry Cook
  • Elena Herrada
  • Rev. Ed Rowe
  • Rt. Rev. Wendell Gibbs
  • Gloria House
  • Fran Shor
  • Bill Goodman
  • Imam Mohamad Ali Elahi
  • Rudy Simons