MCHR represented by board member Kim Redigan at recent events in solidarity with Muslims and incoming refugees

MCHR was proudly represented by board member Kim Redigan at Monday’s “One Nation, One Voice Against Bigotry and Hate Coalition”; a group of speakers from civil rights organizations, government officials, and religious communities that gathered to speak out against discrimination and xenophobia experienced by our Muslim neighbors and incoming refugees.

There was also a rally in Ferndale on Monday to show solidarity with our Muslim neighbors, incoming refugees, and to defend democracy against voices of hate.

Kim wrote a short letter stating her feelings about both experiences:


Dear Friends,

I was honored to represent MCHR in Saeed’s stead yesterday at the Wright. It was a well-organized press conference that allowed me to stand with many in my own community (Dearborn Heights). Osama invited me to promote the Ferndale rally after those of us who were not primary speakers introduced ourselves and spoke a short word. Saeed, you were missed by many.

I should also mention that I represented MCHR at the ICA rally and
conversation hosted by #dearbornstrong on Saturday. Before that
meeting, I was engaged in a teacher-to-teacher talk inside the mosque
when someone took this picture without our knowing it.


Finally, thanks for all the support in Ferndale yesterday and for
bringing the MCHR banner. The hatred in response to the Oakland
Press coverage offers a chilling slice of solidarity with what
Muslims and immigrants are dealing with daily.

Here are links to the Oakland Press coverage Kim referenced, as well as coverage of the “One Nation, One Voice Against Bigotry and Hate Coalition” event.


MCHR wants to hear from you! What can we do to stand in solidarity with our Muslim and Arab neighbors, incoming refugees, and all those who face hate everyday? Reach out to us on social media, call or email us, or leave a comment below!

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