MCHR statement on Paris terror attacks, terror around the world, and the plight of refugees.

Posted November 30th, 2015  |  News  |  Statements

MCHR board member Dr Saeed Khan recently penned this poignant statement on terror attacks, their fallout, and the plight of refugees:

MCHR stands in solidarity with the people of Paris, in light of the recent attacks that occurred in the city.

MCHR also stands with the people of Baghdad, Beirut, Ankara, Russia and other locations, all of whom have been victims of brutal acts of violent extremism. Our thoughts are with the innocent victims of these attacks as well as with those innocent civilians who invariably become victims in the reprisals that follow.

MCHR also supports the efforts to ease the suffering of the millions displaced individuals from the turmoil in the Middle East currently seeking refuge in Europe and North America. We urge the American government and people to support the continued traditions of this nation welcoming refugees, irrespective of national origin, religion or ethnicity.